June 19, 2024


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Castle Park Wedding Venue Essex

The 5 Best Locations In The UK For An Outdoor Wedding

During the warmer months, the UK benefits from glorious sunshine, warm temperatures and blooming greenery, all of which create the perfect setting for outdoor weddings. And with an abundance of countryside and an excellent selection of wedding venues boasting picturesque grounds with beautiful views, it can be hard to whittle down the perfect location. To help you make your decision, here are 5 of the most beautiful locations in the UK for an outdoor wedding.


Castle Park Wedding Venue Essex

Located to the east of the capital, Essex is a favourable location for weddings, whether you are travelling from London or one of the county’s neighbours. Wedding venues in Essex benefit from a number of luxuries, from surroundings of large stretches of countryside to easy access to travel routes. Rich in history paired with serene scenery make Essex a truly romantic location to say I Do, with a wonderful selection of venues ranging from heritage country houses to rustic barns nestled on the east-facing coastline.



The furthest land in the south, Cornwall is renowned for its picturesque coastal towns and beautiful beaches. This seaside peninsula boasts awe-inspiring locations for a dreamy UK wedding, from the much-admired bays to the wondrous woodlands. Especially perfect for weddings in the Spring and Summer, weddings in Cornwall promise a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos and plenty of attractions and natural sights to enjoy for some post-wedding fun.


Dorset - Locations for outdoor weddings in the UK

Home to one of the UK’s most beautiful coastlines and benefitting from some of the warmest temperatures during the height of summer, an outdoor wedding in Dorset is always a stunning occasion. Think quaint seasides, miles of grassland, historic monuments and grand period properties at every turn. Sounds perfect for your union if you ask us! From rustic barns to elegant country houses, a wedding of any style, size and theme will come to fruition here. 


Gloucestershire - Locations for outdoor weddings in the UK

Heading inland to the southwest, Gloucestershire encompasses a number of historic villages, heritage-filled towns and rural Cotswold landscapes. Think country houses with a quintessentially British feel, converted barns overlooking the rural countryside and exquisite manor houses built by the finest architects of periods past. Plus, with easy access to motorways including the M5 and close connections to the Midlands, London and counties further south, guests from across the country are within easy reach.


Edinburgh - Locations for outdoor weddings in the UK

If urban spaces are more your bag, Edinburgh should be at the top of your list. The capital city of Scotland, there are few cities richer in history, home to grande buildings and a historic castle that dominates the landscape. Speaking of Edinburgh castle, you can indeed marry in the very structure, a dream location for anyone lover of history. For something less grande, there are plenty of other wedding venues, including heritage halls, quirky caves and even sports grounds. There really is a venue for everyone.

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