July 23, 2024


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Silent Service | Anticipate Guest Needs with Hotel Tech

Smart-Room Tablets and Mobile Apps can help hotels anticipate customer needs and target guests when they are most engaged — improving the guest experience in the process

As hoteliers, providing the best guest experience possible is always the Priority No. 1. Fulfilling in-room dining requests in a timely manner, booking spa appointments for weary travelers, and providing extra towels and toiletries as soon as possible are all a must. But what if you could anticipate guest needs before a guest even asks your staff? Enter hotel technology. Solutions such as smart-room tablets and mobile apps can help hotel staff anticipate a guest’s desire, improving their experience and ensuring a return customer in the process.

But, before we go any further, let’s answer the question:

Put most simply, silent service is anticipating your guests’ needs before they voice them. And embracing hotel technologies can help create this silent guest experience for your customers. Here are a few ways to anticipate a customer’s needs using the latest hotel tech.

With a smartphone in the pocket or purse of nearly every guest that steps foot on your property, mobile apps allow hotels to send a welcome text that lets guests know how they can easily request items they might need during their stay, such as towels or pillows. Guests no longer need to trek down to the front desk or place a phone call to request an additional luggage rack. A message sent directly to their phone through a mobile app allows them to place service requests from anywhere. Guest messaging is also a great way to share a link to your property’s dining options, so when a guest is ready for dinner, they can simply tap a link and be redirected to the latest in-room dining menu in the mobile app. Guest messaging also allows you to receive instant feedback and resolve escalations quickly.

Smart-room tablets located in-room are another easy way to anticipate customer needs. With functionality that includes the ability to cast video to an in-room smart TV or adjust in-room climate controls, smart-room tablets put guests in control of their stay. Similar to mobile apps, in-room tablets allow guests to browse menus that are updated to-the-minute and place dining orders with just a tap while lounging around in their room. They also allow staff to fill orders without interruption and eliminate the chance of human error in orders.

Using a hotel technology platform, hotel staff are able to create endless opportunities to reach their guests when they’re most captive. For instance, mobile app features, such as push messaging, in-app promotions, and guest messaging, allow staff to create special offers and promotions that guests will love based on their rate code or stated preferences at booking. Did a guest request a room on a quiet floor? Consider sending the guest a message about booking a spa appointment to help them relax even more during their stay. Personalized offers can tell guests what they want before they even know it themselves.

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