April 21, 2024


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PMS Data and Guest Surveys – the Perfect Partnership

One of the biggest challenges faced by hoteliers today is integration. With recent advances in technology, hotels have access to virtually unlimited amounts of data to track guest behavior and preferences and cater to their needs. The problem is that this data is often fragmented among software systems that don’t communicate with one another.

The answer? Use your PMS data and Guest Satisfaction Survey together to create the perfect combination.

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Breaking Down Silos

“As the hospitality industry becomes more reliant on guest data, there is a need to remove data silos and house guest feedback under one platform in order to set priorities and facilitate the actions necessary to improve guest satisfaction within a property or group.”Neil James, VP of Global Customer Success, ReviewPro.

PMS: An increasingly popular option is to integrate the PMS with a guest survey solution. This three key advantages:

1. Customized Surveys

While many hotels send post-stay surveys to guests, most of these surveys are generic, featuring the same questions regardless of the type of guest. With PMS-GSS integration, hotels can create customized in-stay and post-stay surveys for key market segments. This could include wedding guests, meeting attendees, loyalty program members or corporate accounts—all of whom have different needs and expectations.

Depending on how detailed you wish to go, you can also personalize surveys based on the guest’s profile or specific aspects of the guest’s stay. The more information contained in the guest profile, the more personalized the survey can be.

For example, questions could be as specific as:

• Having dined in our Brasserie Restaurant, how would you rate the experience?

• Thank you for attending an event at our property. How would you rate your overall experience at the event?

• As a Gold Member of our loyalty program, did you receive all the benefits you are entitled to?

2. Filtered Results

Hotels can use PMS data to filter survey results using a range of variables such as room number, booking source, market segment, demographics, guest nationality, loyalty membership status and even specific corporate accounts. This will allow you to gain insights into the unique needs and expectation of each segment of guests.

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3. Enhanced Guest Profiles

With two-way integration you can populate survey ratings and comments in the guest’s profile. When the guest returns to the hotel, staff will know what they liked and disliked about their previous stays and can personalize the experience accordingly.

The main take away? By combing the efforts of your PMS data and Guest Satisfaction Surveys you are able to gain a deeper insight into the wants and needs of guests, giving you the edge over your competition and potentially boosting revenue.