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All you need to know to prepare for the hike of Mount Kilimanjaro

All you need to know to prepare for the hike of Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro, with 19,340 feet (5,895 m), is Africa’s optimum mountain and the most totally free-standing mountain in the overall environment. So, no surprise more than 35,000 climbers try the challenging ascent each and every 12 months.

Does your bucket checklist incorporate an ascent to Mount Kilimanjaro? Then this tutorial is the a single for you. We share the system and preparation we adopted ahead of our climb and summit of Mount Kilimanjaro (September 22). So, let us dive in.

Why Preparation is important

Statistics show that up to 50% of climbers fall short to total their climb. The 1st rationale is altitude sickness practically all people will experience some signs or symptoms at high elevations. Having said that, the 2nd cause people struggle or fall short is a lack of health. Even though there is no have to have for particular mountaineering gear to attain the top rated of Kilimanjaro, it does not signify it will be a stroll in the park. Hikers will need to be bodily suit for a risk-free and effective summit.

Of course, the most effective and most easy way to prepare to climb Kilimanjaro is to hike in a managed environment. Collaborating in a single or two-working day regional mountaineering challenges will be a fun way to put together on your own mentally. Also, you want to make sure your human body is employed to extended walking distances in advance of traveling to Tanzania. Your ft will be grateful if you follow hikes long lasting various hrs or even days.

But what else can you do to prepare for this demanding six-working day (or a lot more) hike? Several consider that jogging would be excellent preparing for this hike. However, it may perhaps improve your exercise level but does not sufficiently prepare your muscle groups and ft for a demanding 6-day hike. Also, you do not need to run for quite a few hours to get to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro simply because it is not a marathon.

How to put together for Kilimanjaro Hike? 

Cardio Education

To get ready for Kilimanjaro, climbers should apply cardio work out regularly. Functioning, jogging, biking, and even cardio dance courses can all be viewed as varieties of cardiovascular workout or cardio. Presented that it raises heart price and respiration, cardio is a valuable variety of instruction for climbing Kilimanjaro. To hold your coronary heart and lungs in good shape for the future hike, prepare at minimum 45 minutes of cardio pursuits, 3-4 times per 7 days. 

Even though it is essential to get your entire body in excellent physical situation, cardio is not the only kind of exercise to aim on. Look at frequently taking part in cardio routines that at the same time develop leg muscle tissues to get your legs toned. Functioning on trails or cycling are both equally also superb varieties of training. You can also be creative even dancing can be powerful if it improves your heart rate.

Energy Instruction

Climbing Kilimanjaro involves very long descents, following 5 or additional times, of six to eight-hour ascent mountaineering. Your calves and hamstrings will have to get the job done tricky to climb up, and your quadriceps will have to perform difficult to descend. If you want your legs to be organized for this demanding climb, tone your muscle tissue. Allocate two weekly periods for toughness teaching, with a robust concentration on the legs. 

Of class, you want to make sure your legs are powerful when climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. On the other hand, it would be ideal if you did not only focus on the legs. Alternatively, consider to be resourceful with your exercises and integrate the back, chest, and arms. Just after all, though on your trek, you will carry your rucksack. 

With this weight education, your goal is not to develop definition and bulk but to make your muscle tissues strong and equipped to stand up to prolonged periods of steep inclines. The high quality exercise application Fitbod will help you come across the best workouts for your exercises.

Mental Coaching

It can take a lot more than a number of times to climb Kilimanjaro, so it is critical to have the suitable attitude. Even though you could hike in a group, the knowledge does not essentially truly feel like a crew activity. When climbing, you invest a good deal of time contemplating, and those people inner ideas can be potent. If you are not targeted, it will possibly be your internal voice encouraging you or depressing ideas creating you experience small. And commonly, the guides also assistance you continue to be good with their motivating Kilimanjaro tune. 

Just as a lot as staying bodily in good shape, getting ready for your climb of Mount Kilimanjaro in advance can support you come to feel much more optimistic. Rather of self-question, your inner voice will persuade you during these early morning hours when you are pushing for the end line and feeling every bit of the problem of climbing the optimum mountain in Africa. This is since you labored so difficult for this second. 

Nevertheless, the priority is generally protection. Never ever overextend on your own in phrases of your well being and safety. Even though feeling winded or out of breath will be predicted at a substantial altitude, a sudden and serious headache, nausea, or vomiting are signs of altitude sickness and need to be taken severely.

Altitude Coaching

Decreased saturation of oxygen skilled at higher altitudes has a physical influence on all bodies, even the most athletic. Though cardio physical exercises assist prepare the human body for the physical activity each hiker will have interaction in through the climb it requires extra than just bodily endurance to ascend this mountain. All bodies, even the most athletic, are physically affected by the reduce oxygen saturation at higher altitudes. 

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, at 19,341 feet (5,895 m) above sea level. As a result, just about every breath there only includes about fifty percent as substantially oxygen. Every single hiker have to acclimate to a particular extent, no matter of their normal altitude. As a result, approach your climb with ample time (days) to guarantee that your human body is appropriately (and securely!) altering to the greater altitude. And do not consider to operate up the mountain instead, permit enough time for good acclimatization to comprehensive a thriving climb. Of course, you can also take into account utilizing altitude simulators to give you an even larger edge and assist you in ascending Kilimanjaro’s Uhuru Peak.

Essential Gear for Kilimanjaro Hike

Use the boots and socks you will be having to Mount Kilimanjaro when likely on teaching hikes. You will be additional comfortable on your climb if you get utilised to it, crack in your trekking boots, and keep away from nasty blisters. It is also advisable to observe climbing with the backpack you will use for the precise ascent. This will make it much easier to manage and allow for you to incorporate body weight to the pack as you slowly develop power. Be knowledgeable there are five ecological zones on Mount Kilimanjaro, just about every with unique climate styles. In a make a difference of days, climbing Kilimanjaro is like mountaineering from summer time to wintertime. Therefore, climbers have to have the good products to remain heat, dry, and comfy. At the beginning of your trek, it is usually heat and humid in the rainforest. The moorland and alpine desert area adhere to as you ascend increased, wherever it will get colder and drier. Ultimately, as just one could possibly anticipate from becoming in the Arctic Zone, the summit can be quite chilly and windy.

Individual or Rented Devices?

Machines is a single of the most critical and hard subject areas regarding planning. You probably previously have most, if not all, of the equipment on the record if you have mountaineering and backpacking practical experience. It will just take some time and income to set the parts alongside one another if you are starting off from scratch. If possible, borrow gear from buddies or rent it from merchants to additional minimize expenditures. Program plenty of time to purchase the gear, for example, to financial gain from Black Friday reductions.

Yes, you can hire products for Mount Kilimanjaro from travel companies or neighborhood sporting merchandise retailers in Moshi and Arusha. These items’ good quality and variety can fluctuate drastically. Deliver at least your layers of clothes, these as foundation levels, an insulated hiking jacket, nicely-worn climbing boots, warm gloves, a beanie, and a drinking water bottle. Mountaineering poles and sleeping baggage are out there for employ the service of, so if you do not now have them or do not want to get them, leasing them is a good alternate. 

Our Kilimanjaro Packing List

In this part, you can come across what we utilised for the Kilimanjaro hike. As a bit of disclaimer, if the climate is chilly or not, and if apparel is superior, are very person. What is effective for an individual could possibly not get the job done for you (or vice-versa). As a result, it is recommended to check the products/garments prior to you travel to Kilimanjaro. We located this packing checklist staying very helpful.


Mount Kilimanjaro results in its micro-local climate, which signifies you will working experience a temperature vary from 20 C (68 F) at the commencing in the rainforest to -10 C (14 F) at the summit. The trick is to use a technique in which extra layers can be included or taken off depending on the temperature situations.


Specialized clothing, including a couple baselayers, a watertight jacket, and a fleece jacket, is necessary. In addition, a beanie and a pair of warm gloves are necessary pieces of chilly-weather garments. You could also want to pack a pair of light-weight gloves and a hat to shield oneself from the wind. 


A person of the most helpful applications for your hike is the trekking poles, especially for the descent, which is on free scree. Assure you have a seem ingesting system, as you will need to have to consume around 3 liters day by day. Camelbacks are great just make confident the tube does not freeze on summit working day.


Some additional tools can eliminate some annoyance and give you peace of intellect. For case in point, with coloured things sacks, you can locate matters easily in your baggage although retaining them dry and thoroughly clean. Then, to be geared up for insignificant repairs through the excursion, the Swiss Army Knife is a terrific asset to bring. And last but not the very least, there are no charging stations on Mount Kilimanjaro. On the other hand, if you continue to keep your cell phone in Plane Method, a strong electrical power financial institution (with extra than 20,000 mAh) will be plenty of to get lots of photos.

For the more bag carried by the porters, we employed the Northface Foundation Camp Duffel Bag, but 70 Liters was a little bit of a stretch. 

What about mosquitos? The great information is that there are nearly no mosquitos due to the top of Kilimanjaro. On the other hand, when arriving in Tanzania, it is very suggested to use repellent spray. Be certain you use it when you arrive and end descending.

Some Final Thoughts 

It is crucial to get the finest preparing tips before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Your tour operator will most probably offer you with a instruction strategy, or you can also look for the guidance of a personalized trainer. Begin training at minimum two months ahead of your trip, and you will be effectively geared up for Mount Kilimanjaro. Then, adhere to the above instructions, which will enable you hike the 100 kilometers and get you up Uhuru Peak, in which you can just take this acquired photograph. You can locate very good Kilimanjaro guides and tour operators on Viator (aspect of Tripadvisor), or you could choose to reserve with a reliable operator from your country.

Do not undervalue the significance of the correct equipment. The climate can develop into pretty windy, damp, and freezing – primarily when you hike at evening for the closing ascent to the peak. And very last but not least, climbing with the right team of men and women who guidance every single other is tremendous very important. This is a memory for everyday living – you really should take pleasure in it.