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How To Encourage Guests To Write Facebook Hotel Reviews

All about Content for Instagram Stories of Hospitality Businesses

Instagram is a powerful tool for promoting brands, including the hospitality business. This social network keeps up to date, regularly providing its users with new features. So why not benefit from Stories, a great way to show a hotel’s “internal kitchen” and visualize a guest’s idea of the services?

Moreover, you can post authentic content and share the news with your followers in the most creative way, which can be your competitive advantage. That is, of course, if you read this article to the end. So catch clear-cut guidelines on how to make perfect Instagram Stories of your hotel.

# 1 Duplicate Announcements in Stories

Some people only watch Instagram Stories, ignoring the feed. And the Instagram feed, in turn, is formed based on the user’s preferences. Thus, some followers may not see your important post or announcement simply because the app won’t show it.

So the best option, in this case, is to duplicate vital information in Stories to increase the number of views. And if you want to enlist the support of experts for it, then go to Best Writers Online writing service, and the solution to any of your content-related issues won’t take long.

# 2 Share Authentic Content in Real Time

Show travelers what a day in the life of your hotel looks like with Instagram Stories.  Give guests an idea of what they can expect at your hotel. For example, how the preparations for an event are going or how the chef is preparing a signature dish. Don’t post too many stories in one day. In any case, there has to be a balance, and social networks are no exception.

So if we talk about the optimal number, it’s not less than 2-3 and no more than 5-6 stories a day. Perhaps, you’ve heard an opinion that the more stories, the better, but we recommend not posting all of them at once.

# 3 Use Interactive Instagram Stories

Interactivity in stories is a unique mechanic that motivates followers to respond to your content through question-and-answers, quizzes, and polls. In addition, the Instagram algorithm works so that the more actions your followers take on your account, the more shows your posts get. If you need ideas for such interactives, use the Trust My Paper custom writing website, where you can find a qualified person who provides all the required information.

# 4 Pin the Most Brilliant Stories

Pinned Stories are round pictures below the profile description. They can be nicely designed and divided into headings. It’s essential to pin shares, photos of rooms, and reviews since guests usually pay attention to them first. As you know, Stories on Instagram only live for twenty-four hours, but you can get them back with highlights. This convenient tool for a business account gives you a fantastic opportunity to create themed headlines.

# 5 Repost User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content is an excellent source for getting information into your social networks. For example, sharing Stories guests create shows other users the experience of real travelers. It also reduces the amount of time a manager spends creating original content. But don’t limit it to just posting user-generated Stories.

To ensure the hotel has a unique voice, find the person responsible for maintaining the social media pages. It should preferably be someone at the hotel because fresh and responsive content with lots of illustrative content is essential here. Even if you want to outsource page maintenance to contractors, remember that they need at least a weekly set of photos and videos.

# 6 Share Exclusive Offerings

As we mentioned above, Instagram Stories are only visible for 24 hours, so sharing exclusive social media promotions can create a sense of urgency that will drive your followers to the site. However, it is more of an exception because if you make such offers regularly, they will lose value to your audience. If you find it challenging to observe the golden mean, then it is better to use top writing services because that’s where you can find a specialist who will help you with any content.

# 7 Avoid Posting Several Ads Simultaneously

The attention spans of potential guests on social media are short. A long story that covers too many messages or promotions can cause users to “turn off” your stories. Remember the critical rule of communication: one message, one topic. While stories are usually a casual place to share content, ensuring you’re not overloading your users’ feeds with too much content at once is essential.

Summing Up

So, a hotel’s page on Instagram can become an engine for high sales and even replace the website. But, of course, if you won’t turn it into an average hotel life chronicle. Instead, use the tips described in this article, keep a balance when posting Stories and provide your customers with bright and meaningful content. Then your hospitality business will shine in new colors on the most popular social media.

Over to you

The hotel industry is always changing, especially during a time of crisis. Make sure to future-proof your business and continue attracting new guests by investing in these solutions.

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