May 24, 2024


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Whiskey Rebellion remembered with Pennsylvania festival

The historic Bradford House, now a museum, was owned by one of the leaders of the Whiskey Rebellion.

WASHINGTON, Pennsylvania — Americans have generally been a rebellious large amount.

Just talk to King George III — or George Washington.

The Father of Our Region confronted his very own insurrection when his right-hand gentleman Alexander Hamilton tried to area a burdensome tax on the whiskey remaining produced on the frontier, a rise up led by the distillers of western Pennsylvania.

That rebel is nevertheless remembered and celebrated at the once-a-year Whiskey Rebel Festival (  in Washington, Pennsylvania, the center of the revolt and about a 2½-hour travel from Columbus.

The pageant, scheduled July 8-9, is sponsored by the Bradford Dwelling Historic Association, which also operates in Washington the Whiskey Revolt Instruction and People Middle ( and the Bradford Residence Museum, a Nationwide Historic Landmark designed in 1788 by David Bradford, a chief of the rise up.

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The brouhaha arose in 1791, when then-Secretary of the Treasury Hamilton proposed the to start with federal tax, an excise on distilled goods, to enable fork out the financial debt from the Revolution.

Visitors to the Whiskey Rebellion Festival will see key events portrayed in street theater performances.

The frontier distillers of western Pennsylvania, in which most of the country’s whiskey was staying manufactured, did not cotton to Hamilton’s tax. A lot of experienced fought against “taxation without representation” in the Groundbreaking War and had been all set to battle once again.

Many regional tax collectors were being harassed, or even tarred and feathered.

Gatherings arrived to a head in 1794, when a mob of hundreds of males attacked and ruined the mansion of a regional tax collector. President Washington sent a militia to confront the rebels. Sooner or later, about 20 males have been arrested, but all had been later acquitted or pardoned. The tax was repealed in the course of the Jefferson administration.

Reenactors carry a rebellion flag in the street during a previous festival.

Despite the fact that that intriguing unpleasantness is now whiskey beneath the bridge, the heritage of the insurrection requires middle stage — quite practically — at the competition.

Seven distinctive historical reenactments and performances, concentrating on several features of the rebellion — including a tar-and-feathering! — will be staged on Key Street.

Much more background will be on tap at the people center, the Bradford Dwelling Museum and the LeMoyne Household, an additional historic residence museum in Washington, which will also portray a frontier church company at 10 a.m. on July 10.