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arctic and antarctic cruises on the Commandant Charcot

The Commandant Charcot | Wander With Wonder

The new Commandant Charcot is a luxury cruise ship with innovative technology for expeditions and adventures in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Developed in Norway, the Commandant Charcot is 150 meters (492 feet) long and is the first icebreaker in the Arctic and Antarctic. The cruise ship is equipped with the most innovative technologies to allow guests to experience astounding expeditions and adventures in some of the world’s most extreme climatic conditions, including the eastern coast of Greenland, the Antarctic Peninsula, and even the Arctic Ocean.

A Cruise Ship with a Difference

Aker Arctic engineers designed the hull, a world innovation, so it’s tough enough to safely break through 2-meter (6.5-foot) thick ice and navigate the frozen sea. In addition, this ship is powered by LNG, the cleanest maritime fuel that reduces harmful gas emissions, thus respecting the environment.

arctic and antarctic cruises on the Commandant Charcot

The Commandant Charcot has advanced technology that lets it cut through ice. Photo courtesy StudioPONANT by Nathalie Michel

Ponant always aims to offer eco-responsible cruises and reduce the impact on the marine and underwater environment as much as possible.

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Luxurious Cabins Onboard the Commandant Charcot

Le Commandant Charcot has 135 cabins, each with a balcony, including 68 suites with a private terrace of 186 square meters (2,002 square feet). On decks 6 and 7 are four incredible Duplex suites measuring 94 square meters (1,011 square feet) with a private terrace and jacuzzi.

The Shipowner’s Suite is the jewel of the ship, with an impressive 115 square meter (1,238 square foot) cabin equipped with large bay windows for maximum light and a private terrace of 186 square meters (2,002 square feet)! On this superb private balcony, you will have the opportunity to be in communion with the ocean, open to the sea horizon.

arctic and antarctic cruises on the Commandant Charcot

Enjoy grand adventures in luxury onboard the Commandant Charot. Photo courtesy StudioPONANT by Olivier Blaud

Dining on the Commandant Charcot

Gastronomy plays a key role on board the ships of the Ponant fleet, which honors the French tradition of excellent quality meals. On the Ponant company ships, you will surely enjoy excellent meals.

Two restaurants are at your disposal on the Commandant Charcot:

  • A capacious gourmet restaurant that can accommodate all the ship’s passengers in a single service. French and international dishes are on the menu. There is a fine and refined wine cellar.
  • A grill-lido restaurant where guests can enjoy their breakfasts, buffet lunches, and themed dinners, indoors or outdoors, in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Amenities on the Commandant Charcot

The ice-breaking cruise ship has all the necessary equipment to meet all your needs, always in an intimate atmosphere. Indeed, each common space has been designed and outfitted so that each passenger feels privileged and amazed.

The reception area welcomes passengers for all their requests: shipping reservations, administrative services, and an exchange office. There is also a shop selling clothing, jewelry, beauty products, and accessories.

The pool deck is a unique space aboard the Commandant Charcot, which allows you to enjoy two swimming pools. The heated outdoor pool features a bar, sofas, and armchairs. The indoor pool offers a winter garden. Imagine swimming beneath the Northern Lights!

Explore Breathtaking Regions with the Commandant Charcot

The Commandant Charcot grants you access to the most beautiful and exclusive places on Earth. Among its polar destinations, you can discover Antarctica, the Arctic, Greenland, Iceland, or even Spitsbergen. Deep polar exploration is a specialty of this exceptional vessel.

Travel to the heart of the ice, where only Commandant Charcot can take you. Enjoy unique experiences such as kayaking, polar diving, and dog sledding in hypnotic and breathtaking scenery. You will forge unforgettable memories of the destinations you visit onboard the Commandant Charcot.

arctic and antarctic cruises on the Commandant Charcot

You can enjoy excursions alongside onboard scientists. Photo courtesy StudioPONANT by Olivier Blaud

However, there is a serious side to Commandant Charcot. On your journey, science will take center stage. You can study the various environments you explore in the company of scientists. By cruising on the Commandant Charcot, you can also participate in scientific research to contribute to future scientific advances.

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