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The 10 Best Chinese Restaurants in Ikeja, Lagos

The 10 Best Chinese Restaurants in Ikeja, Lagos

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There are so many top Chinese Restaurants in Ikeja that you may consider for a date. Ikeja is the capital of Lagos and one of the most business cities in Lagos. On some of the busy streets of Ikeja, you will find lovely Chinese restaurants with amazing kitchen features and settings. These restaurants serve Chinese rice, seafood pasta, soy sauce, dumplings and many more exquisite Chinese dishes.

However, you might find it hard to choose due to the number of Chinese restaurants in Lagos, you can use our guide to your advantage. This selection comprises Chinese restaurants in Ikeja with amazing reviews and meals. 

chinese restaurants in ikeja, lagos nigeria

Tips for eating in a Chinese restaurant for the first time

These are tips you need to know when trying out Chinese restaurants for the first time. 

Try common meals first

Chinese restaurants serve diverse assortments of meals that food lovers might feel okay with tasting or having sizeable portions. However, you must select popular meals that you have knowledge of or that are made with common ingredients.

This is not to discourage your tasting adventure but to provide caution to avoid regrets, waste or stories that touch you in case you end up not liking the food or drinks.

Do not eat too much

Be careful, however, the food tastes not to eat too much especially when it is your first time. You have other options of ordering a take-out and eating in average-sized portions later on. Also, when eating, do not rush but ensure you eat in bits carefully savouring every bite, the same goes with sipping drinks.

Be Price Conscious, order what you can pay for

On the menu, you will find prices of meals and cocktails or drinks attached to the meals. It is in your best interest to order meals that you will be able to afford, you will not want to cause a scene anyway.

This might sound amusing but it is vital that you even know the accepted means of payment at any restaurant before visiting.

Chopsticks are not always compulsory, you can use other cutlery

Some Chinese restaurants provide spoons, forks and table knives in place of chopsticks. You are allowed to request help with using chopsticks too. Although you can view tutorial videos ahead of your visit for guidance.

Look out for hospitality and service reviews

A new restaurant is not where you go and should feel like a stranger. Therefore before visiting any Chinese restaurant be fully aware that you will have friendly waiters and staff to interact with and give you proper heads up.

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1. Sunrise Chinese Restaurant

Sunrise Chinese Restaurant is one of the notable Chinese restaurants in Ikeja. It is situated at 32 Aromire Avenue, Oba Akran, Ikeja and is among the leading places you can enjoy different Chinese food. The interesting information about this place is that you can have a comfortable dining experience for an affordable price.

Also, it is quite an excellent choice for romantic dates and family hangouts based on the design and setting.

Sunrise Restaurant Menu

The menu list features traditional Chinese meals particularly seafood, dumplings, Chinese rice, noodles, vegetables and sauce. Similarly, alcoholic drinks and beverages are sold at Sunrise Restaurant.

Dining design

The design of the restaurant makes it conducive for not just adults but children as well. The chairs and tables are arranged in sets while the food sections are well structured with creative interior wall design.

Services offered

Sunrise restaurant is usually open every day of the week from 10 am to 10 pm and more people visit in the evenings. You have two dining services available, eat-in and take-out.

Thus, you can visit Sunrise to place an order and admire the conventional Chinese cafe design plus also order a take-out meal. To pay for meals, there are point-of-sale terminals where you can use your credit or debit cards.

2. HUA HAN Korean/ Chinese Restaurant

HUA HAN is a Korean and Chinese restaurant in Ikeja with amazing themes and decors that showcases the Chinese settings. The five-star Chinese restaurant in Lagos is a popular spot for food and drinks lovers who want to enjoy kimchis, soju, dumplings and soups.


One spectacular point of HUA’s style is the hot pots which serve Chinese soups in a hot simmering pan along with vegetables. The menu has seafood, sauce, chicken, beef, fried noodles with seafood, spring rolls, signature soups and sauce.

Plus, the drinks section serve Chinese and Korean tea, soju, cocktails, aloe vera drink, milk, rice drink and lots more.

Dining design

HUA HAN restaurant has a Korean theme of wallpapers, furniture, bars exterior and interior features. The restaurant was built exactly like the traditional Korean and Chinese cafes you see on TV. The flowers are arranged at the entrance with lamp shades, wooden and glass framed interiors and also a common Chinese dining arrangement.

Services offered

HUA HAN offers you the chance to dine in, take away and also select the delivery options as possible. Also, the restaurant is open from Sundays to Saturdays between 10:30 am and 10:30 pm but gets too busy on weekends, especially in the evening.

3. Zen Garden

Zen Garden is a place for traditional Chinese exposure which includes food, drinks, culture and settings. It is tucked away in the tranquil area of Ikeja’s government residential area- 60, Isaac John Street, G.R.A., Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Zen Garden is one of the oldest restaurants in Lagos.


Top on the menu list at Zen, you have;

  • Prawn dumplings
  • Fried rice
  • Chicken and shrimp dumplings
  • Chicken feet
  • Glutinous Rice Roll
  • Sauce ribs
  • Coconut tart
  • Assorted meat with Congee
  • Steamed rice flour with beef dumplings

Dining design

The dining design at Zen garden is remarkable and it displays China’s feasting traditions, chopsticks, teapots, serving bowls, sauce dishes, wooden trays and furniture.

Services offered

Eat in

You are welcome to explore Zen gardens, select a choice of traditional meals and enjoy. Thus, you can sit and place orders from the menu list and await your meals served in style.


Reservations are important to be able to visit the Zen garden. Thus you can make a reservation online and via a telephone call.

Relaxation garden

en has a reserved garden which is airy and has a large space where you find Chinese inscriptions that tell ancient stories. There are rocks, trees and features that help you reflect on and enjoy nature.

4. Emperor Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant

The Emperor Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant is another lovely Chinese restaurant in Ikeja for a traditional Chinese dining experience. It is situated at Opebi Road in Ikeja, Lagos state. Emperor Chopsticks is a highly-rated Chinese restaurant in Lagos with a hospitable atmosphere. The restaurant is a great place for group dining, and private and romantic date nights.


Emperor chopsticks serve conventional Chinese meals such as spring rolls with vegetables, seafood and sauce and drinks at an affordable price.

Dining design

The restaurant is accessible every day from 10:30 am to 11 pm. Also, the setting is standard, with compositions of Chinese furniture and building design.

Services offered

Dine in; sit in the restaurant and enjoy full dining services

  • Take away: Order a take-out menu and have it packed in plastic and paper bags.
  • Delivery: you have the option to make online delivery and agents will bring the food to your location.
  • Group round table dining: where meals are arranged on a centre table and you sit on floor mats- the traditional Chinese dining style.
  • Point of sale payment option with credit or debit cards.

5. Shu Garden Chinese Restaurant

Shu Garden Chinese Restaurant is at 46 Isaac John St, Ikeja GRA, Ikeja, Lagos. It is a family-friendly restaurant that caters for groups and individuals. This presents a resemblance to a typical Chinese dining location with themes and design, both interior and exterior.

Shu Garden offers vegetables, rice dishes, chow, soups, noodles and dumplings and many more.

Dining design

Shu garden offers excellent traditionally prepared meals in a comfortable atmosphere. The restaurant provides facilities for groups, private dining and a relaxed scene. This includes an outdoor space where you can sit, enjoy the breeze and try good food.

Services offered at Shu Gardens

Dine in

Delivery; with delivery agents directed to your target locations

Outdoor dining area: Shu restaurant also has a grassy area and an outdoor arena that is comfortable and stylish.

Kids menu; quite specific to meet children’s dining needs your children to have snacks and meals specially made for them.

6. Jade Garden

Jade Garden is a Chinese Restaurant on Allen Avenue in Ikeja. It serves Asian and Chinese meals, spring rolls, soups, main dishes and appetizers. Also, you can get alcoholic drinks and beverages.

Dining design

Jade Garden provides a more relaxing atmosphere where you can find common Chinese food you are even familiar with. Also, the Chinese lunchroom has a very beautiful wooden architecture with great lighting, artwork and well-arranged seats and tables.

Services offered

  • Take away
  • Reservations
  • Accessible parking space

7. Chow King

Chow King, Lagos is a Chinese restaurant that not only exists in Nigeria but in other countries such as UAE, Philippines, and USA amongst others. It is situated at 31b, Aromire Avenue, Ikeja Lagos.


Popular menu options at Chow King, Lagos

  • Stir fry noodles
  • Spring rolls
  • Fried prawns and shrimp
  • Fried Rice
  • Spicy chicken wings
  • Spring rolls
  • Dining design
  • Services offered

Chow King provides facilities that allow you to buy meals within the restaurant, sit to eat and also make a food delivery to your venue.

8. Alice Garden Restaurant

Alice Garden restaurant is an exact match for a Chinese restaurant both in design, service, meals and amenities. The area is well decorated from the entrance with colourful flowers, China artwork, dining area teacups, soup bowls and comfort.

You can see that an adventure of China’s treats can be so exciting at Alice Garden. The walls have displays of cultural exhibits, decorations and plants and wooden furniture.


Main meals at Alice Garden restaurant;

Chinese rice, noodle rolls, fillings, dumplings, scallops, crispy bean curd, beef, and seafood.


57, Oduduwa Way, GRA, Ikeja.

Services offered

Alice Garden offers events services for parties and conferences also you can visit the restaurant to enjoy a nice meal and Chinese soups plus drinks.

9. Banyan Garden

Banyan Garden is a dine-in Chinese restaurant in Lagos. It is at 5, Opebi Road, Ikeja Lagos State. The restaurant has great chefs that make flavourful soups, seafood and other popular Chinese meals.

Also, the Banyan garden is properly built to serve its purpose and has a neat, well-structured Chinese configuration which attracts hundreds of customers every day.

Services offered at Banyan

Dine in; you are allowed to visit the restaurant and purchase exotic Chinese meals.

Take away

Food delivery; specific to your location, food can be delivered to you.

10. Master Lee

Master Lee Chinese restaurant is located in three different locations in Lagos, Yaba, Ajah and Ikeja. The restaurant is an affordable one that serves great dishes.

The Ikeja region is at 12 Ladipo Kuku street, off Allen avenue, Ikeja Lagos.

Master Lee prepares and serves noodles soups, vegetable sauce, Shanghai, pork sauce, crab sauce, beef sauce, egg fried rice, shrimp fried rice and lots more. Further, the restaurant is open from 12 pm to 9 pm every day and you will surely get meals that are priced at a thousand naira and above.