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Little Greenbrier School - a Fascinating Smoky Mountains Destination

Little Greenbrier School – a Fascinating Smoky Mountains Destination

The Minimal Greenbrier College is just one of the most fascinating sites to stop by in the Fantastic Smoky Mountains. It is 1 of the oldest structures in the mountains, owning been crafted in 1882. During its time, it served as both a school and a church for the citizens of the Greenbrier group.

Inside Greenbrier school

As opposed to colleges of these days, college students in the course of the time when this was an active university all gathered in the exact same spot regardless of age. Even though primitive (of course), the desk layout inside of the college is intelligent for the reason that the back of a row of seating serves as the tabletop for the row of seats powering it.

Greenbrier School exterior

The school was constructed in 1882 by a male named John Walker, who was a pioneer expert in many matters, which include woodworking and development. The university was attended by kids through the Tiny River Valley, several walking many miles to get to it. About a mile uphill from the school is an previous cabin that was occupied by the Walker sisters.


The school also functioned as the church for the local community. For that explanation, a cemetary exists on the assets pretty close to the faculty. Upon close inspection, you will recognize that most of the gravestones are for youngsters.

Path to Metcalf Bottoms

If you wander about the facet of the college opposite the modest parking great deal, you will see the aged wood signal pointing toward a path that starts at a wood walkway throughout a creek. That is the starting of the path towards Metcalf Bottoms.

Metcalf Bottoms

Metcalf Bottoms is a common swimming/picnicing spot in the Smokies.  It is a comparatively quick hike from the Greenbrier faculty at not significantly additional than a half mile. You may perhaps quite nicely appear on people splashing close to in the river. If you locate oneself asking yourself the place they arrived from, just glimpse throughout the river! There is parking on the other aspect of the river available to anybody by way of the major street. If you really feel like getting a dip, you can make your way across the river.


The distinctive history of the Minimal Greenbrier University would make it a single of the more intriguing places to check out in the Smokies. The school is easy to locate. Sort “Little Greenbrier School” into your clever telephone and it will guidebook you to the accurate street. The true street that usually takes you to the university is a very slender dirt highway that is impassible by two cars at once, so be prepared to back up (or pull to the side if there is place) if you satisfy yet another auto coming from the other direction.

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