March 3, 2024


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How to Get an Office on the Beach in Aruba Caribbean Journal

With the recent rise fo remote work, more and more Caribbean destinations are courting longer-term visitors to take their “mobile” office with them. 

But one Caribbean hotel is taking things a step further — they’ll even give you an office right on the beach. 

Aruba’s Boardwalk Beach Hotel has launched a new program that provides beachside “workstations” for guests. 

The new workstations include beachside desks covered by a palapa (that’s along with poolside desks as well.)

Each “workstation” is equipped with Wi-Fi, a desk, a chair and “everything you need to work remote,” the hotel says. 

It’s the perfect setting for Aruba’s recently-launched “Workation” program, which gives visitors the opportunity to stay up to three months working remotely on the island. 

And it’s just about the ultimate zoom background. 

“At our small and lush property we noticed that guests flocked to Boardwalk not only to vacation, yet also to find peace of mind, a place to reconnect with others in a safe, outdoor environment and for a change of scenery after months of staying in one place,” the hotel said in a statement. “With our guests often staying for multiple reasons and for longer periods of time came the request for a ‘workable’ environment, providing the opportunity to get work-related mails and calls done in a quick and professional manner.”

For more, visit the Boardwalk Boutique Hotel.