March 3, 2024


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From Suscinio Castle to the Atlantic Coast, A Walk in Nature of Brittany

From Suscinio Castle to the Atlantic Coast, A Walk in Nature of Brittany

Rhuys Peninsula at the Gulf of Morbihan provides not only coastal trails but also inland walking trails, for example, the path from Suscinio Castle to the Atlantic Coast passes a protected natural space. The highlights of trail form Suscinio Castle to the Atlantic Coast include the Suscinio Castle, birdwatching, Atlantic coastal view, and a colourful lagoon. 

Suscinio Castle (Château de Suscinio)

Standing between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Morbihan, the Suscinio Castle has around 800 years featured, for example, the curtain walls, walkway, drawbridge, views of the surroundings. It is a testimony of the life of the Dukes of Brittany. Naturally separated from the sea by dune massif, salt marshes, and freshwater ponds, the Suscinio Castle is in the middle of a well-preserved nature zone that is a perfect area for birdwatching. 

The visit to the castle starts from the Duke’s house includes the banquet room, private bedroom, baths, etc. And the entire castle compound contains the lodging and hunting camp.

Birdwatching platform

At the beginning of the trail after the castle, the well-maintained wooden walkway leads us to the mashes. However, the wooden walkway stops after a short distance. Then, we had to walk over the slippery stones and pass scattered trees and bushes to reach the birdwatching platform.

The birdwatching platform is an open area but hidden in the bushes. We stood behind the tall wooden fence. Having looked through the fence, we saw a large area of wetland. It was in mid-October, some migrated birds were flying around. In general, bird watchers can spot birds such as Avocet, Little Egret, Sacred Ibis, White Stork, Whooper Swan, Black-necked Grebe on the site throughout the year.

Atlantic Coastal Views

We left the birdwatching platform and continued following the track, which turned into a stony trail after about 100 metres. 

Marshes around us were high, and we could only see the narrow path ahead of us. This part of the trail requires fixed shoes since some places are slippery. When it rains, the stony track could be flooded. There is no need to worry about losing your way because the entire walking path from Suscinio Castle to the Atlantic Coast is well sign-posted in the Breton language and the French name of places. 

After a short distance, we were out of the marches next to a large lagoon and found ourselves walking on the dunes. It took us another while until we reached the beachfront and the vast Atlantic Ocean. 

I felt the power of the ocean and wondered about the beauty of nature. That was a heavenly walking!

Lagoon observation

Continued strolling towards the east, we passed a picnic place occupied by an old couple who was having a break. From the picnic area, we found it is a photo spot to picture the Suscinio Castle in the distance behind the lagoon. We could walk as close as possible to the lagoon, whose shallow water is separated from the ocean by the dunes. Besides, colourful damp grass in the lagoon formed dark red stripes and illuminated an idyllic scene.  

We left the dunes and walked along the road Chem Lousaou. There is another observation platform where visitors can picture the lagoon and watch the birds.

Travel tip for the walking trail from Suscinio Castle to the Atlantic Coast

Parking is available near the Suscinio Castle or is directly next to the beach area. 

The beach is a few kilometres long. Accommodations such as Douceur et tranquillité sur la Presqu’Île de Rhuys and a campground are alongside the beach.