February 29, 2024


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Adventure Travel – With a Difference


I read hundreds of brochures each week and one I have just reviewed is something with a difference.

We are part of the Signature Travel Network who does seven billion in sales each year around the world. When they recommend a travel company, you know it is the best in their field.

Is adventure travel for you? We all travel for our own reasons, but that doesn’t mean we don’t share a few things in common. If you’re:

Looking for something more than a mere vacation

Aware that there is more to travelling than what you find in a guidebook

Eager to get off the tourist trail and do something different

Interesting in creating true, lifelong connections with people and places

Exciting by the prospect of staying in handpicked hotels and guesthouses

Demand genuine adventure, but still appreciate a few extra frills.

Then, you should talk to a travel professional.

This particular company let’s you go your own way, you pick your travel style out of six different group categories . A small group, average 12 people, and if you want to go do some shopping one day, instead of visiting a museum, there is no problem, you meet up with the group later. You don’t follow a leader carrying a flag, and use a chartered bus. You use local transportation, river boats, trains, and travel like the locals. The six different categories are: MARINE, small ship adventures on the worlds’ great seas and rivers. LOCAL LIVING, always dreamed of renting a villa but thought you couldn’t afford to, well you can now. FAMLY, trips built for adventurers of all ages. The Galapagos is one of the most popular destinations. CLASSIC , a little of everything, a balance of culture, insider access, and much more. ACTIVE, hiking, biking, and kayaking adventures across the world. YOLO, for the 18-39 year old budget minded adventure seekers on a fast pace.

These six categories are all excellent value, and have a guaranteed department which is unusual. This means that if only 1 person instead of the 12 people book for that particular date, then the trip still leaves on schedule. There is no single supplement, which is a very important plus. You don’t have to share a room to get the best price. A lifetime deposit which means if you have to cancel, your deposit can be carried over to another date in the future. Everyone should book travel insurance no matter which company you book with.

South America is one of the most popular parts of the world for adventure trips. They have 43 different itineraries for you to choice from. Hiking the Inca Trail is a once in a lifetime experience for travelers. This company gets 35% of the permits for this world famous hike.

Out of the 150 trips I reviewed, there is definitely something for everyone. Small groups led by local experts, enables you to experience the culture, food, transportation, and highlights of a destination without it costing the earth.

This is comfort adventures with a softer landing. True grandeur cannot be measured in gold, magnificence is what you make of it. Make tomorrow today. There is an amazing planet out there, and it can’t wait to meet you. I’ve been on some adventure trips where it took me a month to recover from what I went through. These people give you a “comfort” trip, small group travel experience with a little more polish. Comfort trips deliver the must see travel highlights, spontaneous situations, insider access and under the radar encounters with local people and their culture you’d expect from an adventure only with a softer landing.

Why don’t you consider something unusual for your next holiday. Go on our website and dream.

Maureen Jones

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