February 29, 2024


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10 places you must visit in Guilin

Located in the northeast corner of Guangzhou Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guilin is considered to be the most picturesque city in China. The city has been a popular destination for centuries and is known around the world for its stunning landscapes. Guilin is an ideal vacation spot for nature lovers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of one of China’s most beautiful cities. As the pearl depicts the beautiful beauty of China, Guilin cannot be compared to other cities as it is an absolute destination that the tourist wants to see from green mountains and plateaus to crystal clear waters, unique caves, and amazing landscapes. The following are the 10 places you must visit in Guilin

1- River Lee

The Lee River is truly a jewel of Guilin. The stunning landscape of the River Li makes you feel as if you are immersed in a traditional Chinese painting. Guests along the Lea River are inspired by beautiful mountains, tranquil green spaces, crystal clear water, bamboo, and water buffalo villages. Guilin also has more than a dozen ethnic groups, including Han, Chuang, Miao, Yao, Hui, and Dong. Longji Rice Terrace is the best place to communicate face to face with ethnic people and their customs.

2- Enjoy the nightlife:

 At night, Guilin is especially beautiful when the light is on. The nightlife in Guilin has a unique charm. With two rivers and four lakes, the scenic area is one of the favorite places for evenings for both visitors and residents. The rivers represent the flower of the Lee River and the Peach River. The four lakes refer to Mulong Lake, Gavi Lake, Rong, and Shan Lake. Night cruises are available. The evening experience at Guilin is fun for everyone and might even be a little surprise!

3- Red Flute Cave

Reed Flute Cave can be found just five miles northwest of Guilin City Center. Due to its accessibility and natural beauty, it is included in most of the routes, which aims to explore the province of China. The cave was named after the green reed that grows inside and its area is 240 meters. If you get to the cave, expect to cross the stone pillars, cross the underground lake, and marvel at the rock formations, which are undoubtedly masterpieces of Mother Nature.

4- Visit the old city of Daxu to see the real China

With a history of more than 1000 years, Duxu is known as the oldest city, one of the four largest ancient cities in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China. The ancient city of Duxu is located 23 kilometers (14.3 miles) southeast of Guilin on the banks of the Li River and fascinates visitors with its rural views. Ancient dwellings, cobbled alleys, ancient longevity bridges, and centuries-old seas are described as legends of the old town. When visiting a local home you will appreciate the wooden architecture with colorful potatoes, beautifully carved doors, and windows.

5- Travel to four lakes at night to influence the ideal life of the locals

The four inland lakes refer to Mulong Lake, Joy Lake, Rong Lake, and Shan Lake, located in the city center. There are many bridges over lakes and shores, all kinds of plants and pavilions. At night, under the colored neon lights, the natural beauty of the landscape is transformed into a galaxy of environmental harmony between man and nature. The one-hour cruise on the four lakes is a romantic and delightful cruise with a beautiful night view of Guilin. Along the way, you can enjoy Chinese music and get a chance to catch fish, which is a traditional Chinese method of fishing.

6- Minority proposal

 Guilin is a unique mix of 28 minority groups, some of which include the Dong, Yao, Chuang, and Miao people. The Minority Show is a short walk through the city where the songs of each group are presented while reflecting the different lives of each group.

7- Liu Sanj’s impression

 With all of Guilin’s entertainment venues, you really do not want to miss them. This stunning natural theater is used against the backdrop of the River Lee, the sky, and the hills. Virtually hundreds of bamboo boats float on the water with candles that provide cool light. The story involves an angel living around the River Li who tells the audience how the Chinese lived in this part of the country, using a variety of ethnic costumes and folk songs.

8- Night market:

The night market is located in Guilin, Zhong Shan Zhong Lu. It is very long and extends from the Xiao Tang Mall (Nico Nico Do) to the Guilin Department Store. Every evening, at 19:00, the road is closed to make room for the market. It is a wonderful environment and a perfect place to collect souvenirs. This market offers special local handicrafts and souvenirs. Negotiation is essential. Prices are not fixed and the set prices will be much higher than those received by the stall owner.

9- Yao Mountain

The best thing about Yao is that it has a way out of town and depending on the weather condition it is difficult to get there especially during winter, it is the only place in Guilin during the winter season where you will see snow and ice. The view from the peak is absolutely stunning and it can take you long to climb up to the peat (you will take approximately 40 minutes) it is a perfect place to relax and let the sweat cool down. If you do not like jogging and climbing, you can sit in a chair lift, it is wonderful, Climbing is free, but a chair lift costs RMB 40.

10- Longji Rice Terraces: :

It is very exciting to witness the culture of a thousand years of nationality wandering in the mysterious mountain villages of Longji (behind the dragon). For the morning scenes, we left the hotel and walked for 2.5 hours to Longji Natural Parking, from where we climbed to the top of the mountain to see a popular spot: seven stars rolled on the moon.


While visiting Guilin China, your days will be filled with a trip to the tourist rice fields or old villages, shopping in some part of the three stunning shopping malls, or visiting the city’s culture and history through its amazing museums. Learn more With this, after sunset, the wind changes, giving you a great opportunity to experience Guilin differently. In addition to the best shows in the world, the city also has excellent nightclubs you can consider visiting the Cathay Pacific website.